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Custom Blending & Packaging

As a proprietary commercial custom blender, All American Seasonings is committed to follow the exact standards set forth in your recipes. Our 70,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility is equipped with thirteen different production lines. In total, All American Seasonings can produce over 75,000 pounds of finished products daily. 

Our 70,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility is equipped with seven different mixing lines, each specifically designed to provide the most demanding standards of efficiency and accuracy regarding blends of any size. In total, All American Seasonings can produce over 75,000 pounds of finished products daily. 

50# Kraft Packaging

Sack Packages

We offer 50lb craft bags available for bulk orders. We can also apply your provided custom labels.

Pre-Printed Packaging

Smart Packages

Vertical form fill machines can produce these bags, for up to 2 lbs of product, single serve form fill machines can fill 20g & 50g bags.

stick sachets

Stick Sachets

We can also fill your pre-printed packaging of any kind. Contact us to learn more.

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Our facility is equipped with many packaging lines and supported by a separate raw material warehouse to prevent any cross migration of flavors and odors.

Once your product is blended, AAS offers a vast array of packaging choices. Our largest bulk options include super sacks or fiber drums. After that, the smaller bulk packaging options are virtually limitless. Whether you’re in a restaurant or food processing business, technology and years of experience will enable us to come up with master cases and inner packs that will best meet your needs.

Vertical form-and-fill packaging lines geared towards producing single use, portion controlled pouches are available. Packaging options range anywhere from two pound bags to stick packs containing a half ounce of product. We can cover your pouching needs by providing an endless number of film options to choose from as well as preprinted, gusseted or flat bottom bags.

Simplifying operations is a major benefit of using a custom premix. Procurement, warehousing, quality control, and production are all departments that see increased operational efficiencies from making the switch. Inventory management becomes more streamlined, and the problem of stocking individual ingredients with various use-by dates is eliminated.

Partnering with our team will give a company access to extensive R&D support and expertise, which helps ensure the best solution to meet your needs. All American Seasonings also possess the capability of running pilot/test runs to study interactions that affect stability, performance, off-odors or taste, and any other scale-up problems. Working closely with our production department team, formulation experts and manufacturing engineers will confirm your product is made with the right combination of ingredients to ensure dates, allergens, vendors and minimum order quantities are eliminated. 

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