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More Potent Garlic? Yes Please!

Concept of cooking garlic sauce on wooden background

Raise your hand if you’re a garlic lover! WE ARE!!! We love it when customers request garlic in their custom seasoning blends!  Garlic lovers around the world are in for a pleasant surprise. Researchers from Virginia Tech discovered a way to potentially make more potent garlic yields.  According to an article in Food Ingredients 1st magazine:

“A team of Virginia Tech researchers in the US have discovered a further step in the metabolic process that produces the enzyme allicin, which leads to garlic’s delectable taste and aroma, a finding that upends decades of previous scientific belief.”

What does this mean?

It means, the metabolic process can be used to create weak and strong versions of garlic.  If a farmer yields the stronger garlic, restaurant chains can offer a more potent flavor to their more garlic-friendly dishes.  A “normal” version of the garlic can be used for recipes that do not require too much of the flavor.  This new discovery adds quite a few options for custom blending suppliers as well!

Imagine adding a stronger garlic boost to your favorite salsa, lasagna, spaghetti sauce, chili recipes and more!  We will stay tuned for more on the developments!

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