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Our Favorite 2020 Food Trends for Custom Blending

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According to many food trend experts, 2020 is the year for hearty, savory flavors.  All American Seasonings strives to constantly create and invent new and unique custom blending flavors in partnership with customers.  We were very excited to see some of the excellent flavors trending in the coming year! Here are just a few of our favorites!



Gochujang is a sweet and spicy Korean chili paste often added as a complement to Asian dishes. We are finding that Gochujang is now being added to your favorite recipes to give it a “sweet kick”!  Gochujang is a savory, sweet and spicy mixture made of glutinous rice, meju powder and fermented soybeans.

Usually thinned out with a liquid, it is often used as a marinade for various different types of meats.

Gochujang can be mixed with a myriad of different ingredients to create a powerful and unique taste, making for endless possibilities for your next snack or sauce flavor!

West African Cuisine

Plant-based foods are in the spotlight for the top food trends of 2020.  West African dishes feature mostly plant-based ingredients and spices such as legumes, grains, peanut oil, ginger, lemongrass, plantains, squash, and more; making it a popular option for many health-conscious Americans who are always looking for new, healthy recipes. West African cuisine was listed as a top trend in 2019 and continues to gain ground in 2020. Whole Foods named African Cuisine as one of this year’s top food trends. We can think of so many ideas for custom blending featuring West African flavors!



Last but not least, the 2020 flavor of the year… drum roll …. Blueberry! Another popular trend especially with young Americans are low-alcohol drinks and mocktails. Imagine creating a delicious blueberry mocktail!  That sounds fabulous!  What would such a drink look like? What else could you mix in? The flavor possibilities are endless.  Would you go all natural and simple to make a healthy drink or would you mix in additional flavors to enhance the already bold fruit taste?

We thoroughly enjoy this time of year when we can learn about the new consumer food trends. We have the wonderful opportunity to innovate with our customers to create unique tastes.  If this post got your taste buds yearning to create your latest popular product, we have done our job!

We want to be part of your next custom blending idea! Contact us for more information.

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